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Welcome all,


Been a while since I last posted, going to keep up with these blogs. Lets get to it! September off Miami was a very good month for the dolphin, any floating debris held dolphin from undersize schoolies to a few in the 20lb class. Besides the dolphin, their were a few days in September that the wind blew North which set those sailfish off. Talking to many of the charter captains and recreational fisherman, they all said they never seen sailfish so active early. The bait has arrived early maybe had something to do with it. Both wells on my contender were filled with a mixture of runners, thread fins, and ballyhoo at all times. 

Tried swordfishing on a Saturday in September with a few buddies were we did not even get a bit all day, about 4pm started to head back in and saw a log floating in the distance. Told them to get ready, as we drove up their two guys threw jigs while the other threw a live bait. As soon as those hit the water we had triple header of dolphin on, in about 30 min we had 14 fish in the boat. Once we got closer to the reef noticed some tuna birds and pick off a few skipjacks in the mix. Video to come soon!


Captain Austin

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