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October (Backcountry and offshore)

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October was a difficult month here in South Florida as the winds gave us practicality no break. Ive fished only a few times once in Chokolosee and once offshore in Miami. 


Chokoloskee fishing was a first time for myself, winds blowing 20-25 NE made it interesting. So we traveled up into the rivers and fished the shorelines and moving water around points. When fishing the shoreline, I threw 90% jigs the whole time. But you have to focus on the jig hitting the bottom kicking up mud than jigging it again. Used 3/8oz and 1/2oz jigs to kick the mud. The water was dirty from the wind for several days over their which made the sight fishing very difficult. However, we manage to catch several small redfish, snook, and trout. 


Once the winds came down for a few days in Miami, I slipped to the reef to see if the Cero Mackerel were around. Anchored up, chummed than bam the ballyhoo showed up. Shortly after the ballyhoo the cero's started to sky on the ballyhoo. With a ballyhoo free lined out the mackerel had zero interest, the only thing they wanted to hit was a white jig coming from the bottom. After several ours of seeing tons of mackerel but only catching a few, we went to about 150 feet of water and free lined a few ballyhoo's. Within 10 minutes we were hooked up to a very small sail. Once we landed that sail, the head of the front got nasty and we called it a day. 



Captain Austin

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